October 24, 2004-The novel, Republic Commando: Hard Contact is released.

March 1, 2005-The strategy guide, Star Wars: Republic Commando Prima Official Game Guide is released.

March 1, 2005-The game, Star Wars: Republic Commando is released.

March 2, 2005-The comic, Package is released.

March 11, 2005-The comic, Omega Squad: Targets is released.

August 2005,-The game Republic Commando: Order 66 is released.

October 24, 2005-The comic, Orders is released. February 26, 2006

-The novel, [[Republic Commando: Triple Zero]] is released.

April, 2006-The comic, Odds is released.    

October 30, 2007-The novel, Republic Commando: True Colors is released.

September 16, 2008-The novel, [[Republic Commando: Order 66 novel]]is released.

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