Arla Fett is a Mandalorian character featured in the Republic Commando novel series, by Karen Traviss.


Early LifeEdit

As her parents were killed by the ruthless Death Watch on Concord Dawn, Arla Fett also believed her younger brother, Jango had died as well. She was traumatized by the endless rage and war, making her go insane.

The Death WatchEdit

The Death Watch spared her, but instead held her hostage. However, she eventually became an assassin for the Death Watch, also being branded on her back, as they viewed her as more of a prize. Because she was an assassin, her insanity went farther, almost to the point where it could not be reversed.

Inside the Valorum CenterEdit

After being deemed guilty for shooting 10 years prior to the Clone Wars end, Arla was also proclaimed mentally insane and was sent to the Valorum Center - a mental institution deep within the heart of the Republic. Inside the Valorum Center, she dug deeper into insanity.


In 19 BBY, three years after Jango's death on at the Battle of Geonosis, the former Jedi-turned-Mandalorian, Bardan Jusik, visited the center looking for Separatist scientist, Dr. Ovolot Qail Uthan. At the time of his first visit, Jusik had walked passed Arla's cell, hearing words that resembled the Mandalorian language. Later, during the Separatist invasion of Coruscant, Kal Skirata and Jusik returned to the center to free Uthan from her cell and upon doing so, Bardan again heard words that resembled Mando'a. The ex-Jedi acted on impulse and decided to free the prisoner, and when the group was picked up by Walon Vau afterward by a LAAT/i gunship, Jusik revealed her to be Arla Fett, Jango's lost and supposedly dead sister. Arla would go to Mandalore along with Jusik and the rest of the Skirata's rogue band when they fled Coruscant following the issue of Order 66, taking up residence in an old storage room at their bastion home of Kyrimorut.

At Kyrimorut, attempts were made to regulate Arla's medication from the regimen given at Valorum Center, but the dosages were insufficient and Arla attacked Jusik without any provocation. After hearing Arla's story and her insistence that she forget everything, Jusik offered to use the Force to wipe her memory of the traumatic events in exchange for intel on the Death Watch.

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