Bardan Jusik was a Jedi knight during the Clone Wars and a good friend of Kal Skirata, Omega Squad, and
Bardan Jusik

A fan-art picture of Jusik in his Mandalorian Armor.

Etain Tur-Murkan. He accompanied Omega Squad, as well as Delta Squad, in many operations and often stayed by their side. After realizing Fi went into a coma, he helped the clone survive the coma by slowly healing the brain. Shortly before Order 66 had been executed, Jusik renounced the Jedi Order, resigning. He was also accepted as one of Kal Skirata's "sons."

In the era after the Civil War between the Galactic Alliance and the Empire, Jusik took the identity of Gotab, mentoring Kad Skirata, Darman and Etain's force sensitive baby.

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