Besany Wennen is a female human featured in the Republic Commando novel series as well as Imperial Commando: 501st.


Besany Wennen had posed as a GAR Logistics worker in Coruscant. She was to investigate a figure called Vinna Jiss, who was suspected of misappropriating supplies. While she was undercover, she had met a former clone trooper, who was nicknamed Corr. She had noticed his prosthetic hands and had felt sorry for all clone troopers, feeling that they had been "slaves" for the Republic. After Jiss had been eliminated and her job was done, she was asked to assist Kal and Clan Skirata in their mission on Coruscant, where she would develop feelings for Ordo.

She plays a vital role within Clan Skirata, often helping everyone in one way or another. When Fi had gone into a coma and the Republic medical droids were going to pull the plug on him, she had defended the commando and had even drawn a blaster, which had helped in getting the commando out of the hospital and into Clan Skirata's hands.

Ordo Skirata had proposed to Wennen during dinner one night after he had saved her previously. Because he had no ring, he had given her a Sharoni sapphire pin worth millions of credits. After she had married Ordo, she officially became adopted into Clan Skirata.

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