Not to be confused with "Bly," a Clone Commander who was killed in action before the rise of the Empire.

Bry was an Imperial Commando during the rise of the Empire era featured in Imperial Commando: 501st. Unlike all other Clone Commandos, Bry is not introduced with a Clone or Imperial commando tag.


Like Ennen and unlike all the other important Clone Commandos featured in the Republic Commando and Imperial Commando series, Bry was trained by a Correlian Cuy'val Dar. He was best friends with Ennen, as both had survived through the Clone Wars together.

On one of their first missions, Bry and Squad 40 (Ennen, Bry, Niner, and Darman), were sent to hunt down Antarian Ranger member Jilam Kester. He was killed in action by former Jedi General Iri Camas, who was there instead of Kester. This fatally affected Ennen. Believing it to be right, Ennen convinced the new Imperial commander of the Imperial Commando Special Unit, Roly Melusar, to have Bry cremated in a proper Corellian funeral.

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