The DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System, or DC-17m ICWS, was a configurable combat weapons system used by the clone commandos of the Galactic Republic. This weapon was a variant of the DC-15A blaster rifle, which was used by standard clone troopers. The DC-17m was much smaller and lighter than the DC-15 and more versatile due to the fact that it could carry three different weapon attachments, making it a ranged weapon capable of adapting to virtually any situations a Clone Commando might run into.


DC-17m Blaster AttachmentEdit

DC17m rifle

Blaster Attachment

The main weapon was a rapid-fire ion pulse blaster rifle; the favored configuration most often used by clone commandos. This configuration used power pack clips that held 60 rounds each. It was a powerful and accurate weapon capable of quickly and efficiently killing most enemies ranging from battle droids to organics. During the Clone Wars, Corr complained about the clip on the left side with both the rifle and sidearm.

DC-17m Sniper AttachmentEdit

DC17m sniper2

DC-17m Sniper Attachment

The DC-17m could also quickly convert into a long-range ion pulse sniper rifle with an electromagnetic scope (the IPS rifle round was a projectile encased in blaster energy, similar to a bowcaster bolt). Each magazine held five rounds. It functioned at two levels of zoom: 10x and 20x. The sights also provided an x-ray vision effect, to locate vital targets within the enemy. It was a useful weapon to have around on missions requiring stealth, such as assassinations or thinning out enemies. The DC-17m sniper attachment was also the favored weapon of Sev of Delta Squad and Fi of Omega Squad, as they were marksmen.

DC-17m Anti-Armor AttachmentEdit

DC17m anti armor

DC-17m Anti-Armor

The third configuration was an anti-armor charge launcher equipped with a dumb-fire warhead which boasted the ability to cause high amounts of damage and having a large area of fragmentation. Each shot expended the attachment meaning the trooper had to replace it after each shot. Due to the attachment's size, only a small number of these could be carried by a trooper. Despite the weight, this attachment is the favored weapon of Scorch of Delta Squad and Atin of Omega Squad.