RC-1136, also known as Darman or affectonately, Dar, was a Republic Commando in Theta Squad, Omega, and Squad 40. Like most of his brothers, he was also formally adopted by Kal Skirata. Unlike most typical clones, however, he had feelings toward another being, and even married her and had a child. This being was Etain Tur-Murkan, a Human Jedi knight, and their child was known as Venku Skirata, but mostly called Kad out of affection and because Dar first referred to him with that name. During the fall of the Jedi Order, Darman had witnessed his wife's death and suffered from immediate breakdown, turning into an emotionless clone for the next few hours. When his brother, Niner, had fallen down a bridge and broke his spine, Darman had chosen to save him and not desert to Mandalore with the rest of the group.

Personality and TraitsEdit

As a clone, Darman will do his duty, unless if he second guesses it. He is a loyal and hard-working man, as well as a great friend. In the Republic Commando series, it is shown that he cares for his brothers, as he went through an emotional roller coaster after witnessing Fi getting hit by debris, and saved Niner after breaking his spine. However, due to the loss of his wife, Darman may never fully recover from a locked-up state, and Niner fears that he will never be the old Darman again.