Destroyer Droids, also known as Droidekas, are a form of Droid unit used by the Confedracy of Independant Systems. This Droid is seen as one of the most dangerous Droids of the CIS. It has acess to its own personal Sheild Emitter and two High Power blaster cannons which it uses to kill squads of Clones with ease. It can also fold up into a ball and roll across the battlefields at unparalelled speeds.


The Droideka's shield is a major issue when fighting this Droid, however if the shield is removed they become the 2nd easiest Droid to defeat only stooping slightly above the B-1 Battle Droids. their shield will not hold up forever and if the shield absorbs enough damage it will sooner or later fail, then the Droideka will become vulnerable to basic attacks, If you want to conserve ammo, you can use Thermal Detonators to destroy the Droideka, or the Anti Armor rifle can always do the trick. Take note that when this Droid is unfolded and shielded it is VERY slow, if you position yourself behind the Droid it will be near defenseless.

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