Ennen, also known as IC-4447, was an Imperial Commando featured in Imperial Commando: 501st.


Unlike the main characters in the Republic Commando and Imperial Commando series, Ennen was trained by a Correlian Cuy'val Dar. He was trained similarly, but not exactly the same, thus had differing tactics, battle skills, and even basic skills due to his sergeant (who remains unknown). He was best friends with a fellow commando, nicknamed Bry, whom survived until the Empire was established. It is assumed their fellow squadmates were killed during the Clone Wars.

During the rise of the Empire, Ennen and Bry were transferred to another squad with Niner and Darman, formerly of Omega Squad now Squad 40. On one of their first missions to kill an Antarian Ranger called Jilam Kester. When it turned out to be Jedi General Iri Camas instead of Kester they had come across when they reached their destination, Ennen had witnessed Bry's death at Camas's hands; this event especially moved Ennen into a depressed state. He convinced the new Imperial offiver who was to command the Imperial Commando Special Unit Roly Melusar, to give his deceased friend an exiled-Corellian style funeral, and  eventually killed himself as well with a DC-15s side arm blaster in the refreshers of the barracks.

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