Guta-Nay was a male Weequay and served as Lieutenant of Ghez Hokan's mercenaries on Qiilura. Before he was employed by Hokan, he was a known criminal, rapist, and murderer. His brother was Gar-Ul.


In the third month of the Clone Wars, Guta-Nay, who was drunk while on-duty, sought some 'pleasure' and found himself a young female Human, who turned out to be Jedi Padawan Etain Tur-Mukan. He tried to grab the girl, but she escaped and Guta-Nay chased her into the forest, still hoping for a good time. Unfortunately for Guta-Nay, he was stopped and punished by his superior, the Mandalorian mercenary Ghez Hokan, for neglecting his post. Hokan's interference ironically allowed Etain to escape with the blueprints of several local Separatist facilities.

When Hokan received command of the local Separatist garrison, he ordered the execution of Guta-Nay and all the other mercenaries he had been forced to use with his previously limited resources. Guta-Nay and two other Weequay managed to escape though and hid in a storage building near a local gem mine. When Omega Squad raided the building for explosives, Guta-Nay cowardly hid while his two fellow escapees were killed. He was soon discovered and managed to avoid death by convincing Niner that he had useful information about Ghez Hokan.

When the squad regrouped with Darman and Etain Tur-Mukan, they interrogated Guta-Nay for what little he knew. Afterwards they came up with a plan to feed him false information about the squad's plans and then let him escape, counting on that he would try to regain Hokan's favor by passing on the information. Guta-Nay was unwilling to leave the commandos out of fear for Hokan though, so Etain finally had to resort to mind-tricking him into running away, knowing that he would be killed one way or another as a result.

Guta-Nay found his way back to Hokan and passed on the false information. Hokan, to no one's surprise, except for the mind-tricked Weequay, beheaded Guta-Nay with Jedi Master Kast Fulier's lightsaber.