Ilippi Skirata, born as Ilippi Jori, is the former wife of Kal Skirata.


Meeting KalEdit

Ilippi and Kal first met in a restaurant, where Ilippi was working as a waitress. Both knew each otheir fairly well, and Kal had loved her a lot. He tried teaching her how to be a proper Mandalorian mother; even though she could not do some of the tasks he had tried teaching her, he still loved her for who she was. The two eventually married.

Married Life and DivorceEdit

During the time Ilippi and Kal were married, they had three children; Tor Skirata, Ijaat Skirata, and Ruusan Skirata. Because of his job as a Republic Commando trainer, Kal was often away from the family and eventually grew distant from his wife and kids.

Because Ilippi eventually realized what was happening to the family, she called it quits with Kal, filing for a divorce with him. With the divorce, the two sons, Tor and Ijaat, denounced Kal as their father, calling him dar'buir, meaning "no longer a parent" in Mando'a. Ruusan, however, still remained close to Kal.

Ever since the divorce, Kal has been sending money to Ilippi in order to support herself.

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