Jaller Obrim was a Senate guard and later an operative with the Coruscant Security Force.


Obrim served as a senate guard for twenty-eight years. He helped Omega Squad along with Kal Skirata and ARC Trooper Ordo during a spaceport siege. After the siege he was seconded to CSF's anti-terrorism division and became close friends with Kal Skirata. Due to his high position in law enforcement, he could help any of Skirata's black ops mishaps disappear from any official records. Obrim helped track down and arrest hundreds of Separatist terrorists on Coruscant. He had extensive security installed in his home due to the enemies he made in his work.

When Republic Treasury Agent Besany Wennen started a shootout to prevent Fi from being euthanized, Kal sent Obrim to save Fi and Wennen. Fi was relocated to his house for a brief time before he was moved to Mandalore.

Obrim was one of the few non-clones trusted with Skirata's plans to help clone soldiers desert from the Grand Army of the Republic. While he refused to hear specifics for reasons of deniability, he undoubtedly aided the clan by alerting Skirata that Palpatine had issued a warrant for his arrest. Obrim also hastily relocated Laseema, Besany Wennen, and the baby Kad to a safe house. He and his wife also provided some of the Skiratas shelter during the Battle of Coruscant.

After Palpatine issued Order 66, Obrim helped Skirata locate Etain Tur-Mukan as she made her way to the rendezvous point to escape to Mandalore. He was a witness to Etain's death, and was forced to use the stun setting on his blaster to render Skirata unconscious long enough for Ordo to remove him from the scene. He promised to keep an eye out for Darman and Niner (clone), as they were forced to stay behind when Niner broke his spine. Obrim also guarded Etain's body until A'den, Null-12, could safely take it to Mandalore.

Together with his wife, Telti, they had two teenage sons.