250px-Kal Skirata

Kal Skirata, born Falin Mattran and affectionately known as Kal'buir or Papa Kal, was a male human Mandalorian warrior who was recruited by Jango Fett to train clone commandos of the Grand Army of the Republic.Kal is mentioned in Hard Contact.


Early LifeEdit

Skirata was born on the planet Kuat, the son of a Kuat Drive Yards engineer. When war had broken out in Sucaris, a city they had moved to, Skirata's parents were killed and he was left alone, to fend for himself.

After surviving for a year in the war-torn rubble of Surcaris on his own, Mattran was discovered by a Mandalorian named Munin Skirata, whom he had promptly attacked with his father's knife. Munin was amused by the attack rather than angry, and decided to adopt Mattran into his Mandalorian clan, renaming him "Kal Skirata"—with "Kal" meaning "Blade" in Mando'a—and took it upon himself to train young Kal.


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