Ko Sai is a Kaminoan genetic scientist that appears in most of the Republic Commando novel series. She was responsible for the tampering of clone genetics, making them age faster and obey most orders given.


Early Life and work with the Cloning ProjectEdit

Not much is known about Ko Sai's early life and work with the Cloning Project on Kamino, other than that she was one of the head scientists that worked with the clones' genetic material.

Involved with Clan SkirataEdit

As Kal Skirata wants his boys to have a normal life span, he is intent on finding a way by capturing the head scientist and making her stop the fast aging. Skirata's first choice is Ko Sai, as she is the mastermind behind all of the tampering.

She is eventually captured by the latter and is brought to Kyrimorut, where she works on finding a "cure" to the fast aging. While residing in the bastion, she finds out that Etain Tur-Mukan and her son are force-sensitive. Ko Sai asks Etain if she can have some of Kad's stem cells from his umbilical cord; Etain ponders this thought.

After thinking it over, Etain gives some stem cells with remorse. It is found out that shortly after Ko Sai manages to tinker with the baby's cells, she commits suicide. The Kaminoan leaves one message, "Thank you, Etain."

Personality and TraitsEdit

Ko Sai is considered a very cold-hearted sentient, due to her Kaminoan upbringing. She had a child once, but with green eyes; she killed the latter because of Kaminoan selective breeding, so that all Kaminoans had grey, blue, or yellow eyes.

She also referred to clones as "products," and treated them merely as objects and not organisms. This also adds to the hate that clones have toward Kaminoans, as they never liked being treated as second-class individuals.