Laseema was a blue skinned female Twi'lek who worked for Qibbu the Hutt as a waitress in Qibbu's Hut. She was at first scared when Delta Squad, Omega Squad, and Ordo came to the cantina. Later, however, she started developing feelings for Atin.

It is not known for certain if she continued working in Qibbu's Hut but it seems likely that, after Kal Skirata rented her an apartment, she would have left her old job. During this time she was still very wary of unexpected visitors, prompting Kal Skirata to advise Bardan Jusik to call ahead before arriving.

When Etain Tur-Mukan gave birth to Venku Skirata, she acted as the baby's caretaker along with Besany Wennen and Bardan. She quit her job at Qibbu's and worked as a waitress in the Kragget. Though in no need of credits, she insisted on earning her keep.

During the Battle of Coruscant, she married Atin via comlink. After the battle she along with Kal's clan moved to Kyrimorut where she attended Etain's funeral.


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