Mandalore is a planet featured in the Republic Commando novel series as well as Imperial Commando: 501st.


Found in the galaxy's Outer Rim, Mandalore was originally a prestigious world, with much trade and glorious warriors. However, after the Mandalorian Wars and the death of all the true Mandalorians but one, Mandalore had become nothing but another spec on the radar. It became a place for bounty hunters or people who didn't want to be found by bounty hunters. Despite this, it still maintained its own little form of government and there were many attempts to rise the planet back up and regain its prestige.

A commonly mentioned city on Mandalore is Kyrimorut, where Clan Skirata resides for the last bit of the Republic Commando series and Imperial Commando: 501st.

Other UsesEdit

Mandalor can have various meanings based on what language is being spoken.

  • The title, Mand'alor, which translates to Mandalore in Basic, is given to the leader of the Mandalorian clan. Even though the title and planet share the same name (in Basic), they are different things.
  • Mando'ad is Mandalorian word that literally means "son/daughter of Mandalore," but is usually translated as describing someone as being Mandalorian.

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