Mij Gilamar is a Mandalorian male featured in most of the Republic Commando novel series and Imperial Commando: 501st.
250px-Mij Gilamar

Mij Gilamar


Early LifeEdit

Gilamar wasn't originally Mandalorian, but he had become part of the enormous group when he married a Mandalorian girl named Tani. However, she was tragically murdered and Gilamar set out to kill the man who had killed her, which also explains why he painted his armor gold; gold meant that the man was out for vengeance in the Mandalorian community. He was also a doctor and was proficient in his field of study.

With Clan SkirataEdit

Mij Gilamar is commonly seen traveling with Clan Skirata during the Clone Wars, most notably saving Fi Skirata from death (with the help of Bardan Jusik) and kidnapping scientist Dr. Ovolot Qail Uthan. After Order 66 was given, Gilamar resided with the rest of the clan at Kyrimorut on Mandalore. He assists Jusik in trying to work with [[Arla Fett][, who they rescued from a Coruscanti prison, and works with Dr. Uthan in trying to slow down the clones' aging process.

Gilamar, when working with Uthan, has formed feelings toward the latter and even kissed her when professing these feelings. He has also bonded greatly with Scout, as she observes the work he and Uthan do closely. Gilamar also somewhat forms a fatherly affection toward the former Jedi Padawan.

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