Nyreen Vollen, or affectionately known as Ny, is a freighter pilot who assisted Clan Skirata towards the end of the Clone Wars in the Republic Commando novel series.


Not much is known about her life before meeting Clan Skirata, other than that she married a man who had disappeared one night.

With Clan SkirataEdit

She first met Null ARC A'den, who had tasked her with getting ARC "Sull" off Gaftikar, where he was found by Republic Intelligence, as he deserted the Grand Army of the Republic. After fulfilling this task, A'den introduced her to Clan Skirata, where she was warmly welcomed. They were also looking for a pilot who was looking forward to investigating Kuat Drive Yards, which is what she did.

During her time with them, she also transported refugees to Mandalore, mainly connecting them with Kal Skirata. Of the refugees, she brought Etain Tur-Mukan's body home, Yayax Squad, Levet, Tallisibeth Enwandung-Esterhazy, and Kina Ha. She also assisted in flying to Coruscant to pick up Niner and Darman.


Kal SkirataEdit

Despite not being an official relationship, the two were hinted to have feelings for each other, but mainly Skirata.

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