Boss, better known as RC-1138 or Delta 38, was the leader of Delta Squad. Scorch was his demolitions expert, and was good at using anti-armor, Sev was his sharpshooter, and Fixer, his slicer man. Boss was born on Kamino, and was taken care of by Taun We.

Boss is the only playable character in Star Wars: Republic Commando. Boss can command Delta Squad to do any objective. He took orders from the clone trooper, Advisor.


He wears Katarn-class commando armor, very resistent yet lightweight gear that was tougher than normal clone trooper armor. Also like other commandos, he uses the DC-17m Interchangeable weapon system, a weapon system that can turn a blaster into a sniper or a grenade launcher. In his small arsenal, he has a DC-15s sidearm, a handgun with infinite ammo, and a knuckle plated vibroblade, a short and retractable blade hidden inside his knuckle armor.