Rav Bralor is a Mandalorian female featured in Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel and is mentioned briefly in Imperial Commando: 501st. She is also the aunt of Parja Bralor, the wife of Fi Skirata.


Bralor, despite being a female, proved to be just as strong as any other Mandalorian male, and is respected among the community. She became great friends with Kal Skirata after the two bonded, and they eventually became best friends. Years later, after the two have grown up, they are recruited to train Republic Commandos on Kamino. Once they finish, they return to Mandalore, where Skirata plans to build Kyrimorut, a small bastion in the northern hemisphere of Mandalore. He trusts Bralor with the responsibility to watching the construction, as he has to return to the Grand Army of the Republic.

When Skirata and his clan return after Order 66, Bralor then reprises the role and returns to life at home (which is still remotely near Kyrimorut).

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