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Bam! You are dead!!!

"Welcome, little one. This is your first day. Your designation will be Gree43. We expect great things from you. You have been born into dangerous times. A sharp mind will be the key to survival. But as often as not, it will be your inherent physical traits that win the day. And in this regard, you will be superior to your more common brethren. For you are a commando, something truly special. Your weapons, your armor, and most importantly, your brothers. The aiwha of our world hunt in pods to bring down much larger prey. So too, will you join your brothers and become fierce hunters for the Republic. Now, join your pod, and embrace your destiny as their leader. Join Delta Squad: Delta 40, your foundation, a pure and uncomplicated soldier; 62, the heart and soul of your team; and 07, the fiercest hunter of all your brethren. You are each a piece of a whole person, and the Republic will call on you to defend, and give your lives if need be."


Su cuy'gar! Welcome to Republic Commando wiki! You may edit whenever you like, weather you got a Republic Commando products or not. But we do have rules in this wiki though:

1. This wiki is form the player's point of view, not the Star Wars point of view, so no specific name if not shown the game. You may write the correct name in the "Behind the Scene" section. If there isn't one, feel free to make one.

2. No Sock Puppetry

3. Do not rename pages without asking the permission from the Admins first.

4. When making a new page, click "Blank Page" as the page layout.

5. This wiki is not a Fanon wiki, so please don't add Fanon information. To check if the information you are about to put in is a Fanon or not, please check it on Wookieepedia.

6. Be nice to each other, so please, no rude remarks.

7. Have Fun!

Alright Trooper, good luck.

Anakin Skyobiliviator Oya!

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