Venku Skirata, or affectionately known as Kad, is the force sensitive child of Jedi Etain Tur-Mukan and clone commando Darman Skirata. During the Republic Commando series, he is just a toddler, learning about the world around him. Surprisingly, he does not retain the accelerated aging that his father possesses, and can learn and sense things faster than a normal child would.

In the book, Bloodlines, he is first identified as "Kad'ika", meaning "little saber," in Mandalorian. In the book, Sacrifice, he is first identified as Venku.

In the book, Revelation, also by Karen Traviss, Venku returns, but as an older man travelling with Gotab, who reveals himself to be Bardan Jusik. The two meet Jaina Solo, a child of Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo. Jusik reveals to Jaina that he is not a kiffar, but a survivor of the Purge of Order 66, and Venku is the son of a Jedi and clone. He admitted that Clan Skirata hid Venku for years because they were afraid that the Empire was either going to kill him for being Force-sensitive or capture and breed a whole new clone army from Venku's DNA. They also kept Venku's existence a secret from Fett, because they were afraid that Fett was going to sell him to the Kaminoans. After Gotab's confession to Jaina, and after hearing his advice on how to deal with her brother, Jaina engaged Venku in a lightsaber training duel, with Venku using both of his mother's lightsabers.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Venku as a child was always happy and smiling, but after his mother's death he became grave and serious. Having been raised in the Mandalorian tradition by Kal Skirata, Venku was very passionate about his fellow Mandalorians and his planet, and even supported Mandalorian reform so his people could live better lives.

Venku's voice had overtones of Kuati accent, and possible hints of a Muunilinst inflection as well, suggesting that he had spent time in these places. He wore patchwork armor, which he claimed was created from plates of the harness of dead relatives, naming uncles, a cousin, and an aunt as well as his father—an extreme variation on an old Mandalorian tradition. In addition to wearing the armor of his various family members, Venku also carried around both of his mother's lightsabers.

By way of his mother, Venku is force sensitive, but he deliberately chose not to use the Force if he could help it. This was possibly due to the way he was raised, having hid from the Galactic Empire on Mandalore, a planet not well known for its tolerance for Force users, during the Great Jedi Purge.