Wookiee Bowcaster
Ground View Edited
Weapon Specifications
Max Ammo24 bolts
Magazine12 bolts per clip
Max RangeOptimum: 30 meters

Max.: 50 meters


The Wookiee bowcaster is projectile weapon developed and used by the Wookiees. In Republic Commando it can be found on Kashyyk, as well as on numerous multiplayer maps. The bowcaster is equipped with a scope, and its shots can be charged up to three times their normal level to do more damage.

A normal bowcaster fires a metal quarrel enveloped in energy, although some have been modified to fire pure energy. The bolt would be propelled by heavy springs (hence sometime being refered to as the "Wookiee crossbow") before the polarising orbs at each end would then accelerate it even further.

HUD View

HUD view

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